Dehome Sunglasses for Man Woman Fashion Round Lens Metal Glasses (White)

Dehome Sunglasses for Man Woman Fashion Round Lens Metal Glasses (White)

Dehome Sunglasses for Man Woman Fashion Round Lens Metal Glasses (White) Rating:
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Product Description

Product Features

1. professional design makes beautiful products. It can add charm to you eyes.
2. the use of anti shock materials and ultraviolet absorption of 100% can reduce the burden of the ciliary muscles of the eyes under strong light.
3. suitable for all types of faces .
4. is your best choice for Beaches, skiing, mountain climbing, golf,driving, camping and gathering.

protective measures

Whether where you put your glasses, keep the lens upward.
1: folding. In the frame design, usually by the left leg and right side of the first folding.
2: pick and wear. At the time of the operation, with both hands, hold the mirror legs along the direction parallel to the cheek wearing removable.
3: about cleaning. Using special glasses cloth to wipe. But it is not recommended to dry clean, so easy to wear flowers lenses. It is best to rinse with water, then dry with paper towels and then use the cloth to wipe the glasses of water. In the process of cleaning by the hand and then wipe the mirror side. The action should be light, otherwise easy to damage the lens and frame..
4: regular adjustment. In a period of time, the frame may be deformed, a burden to the nose and ears, and the lenses are easy to loose. Can be fixed or is adjusted to the store.
5: a place. Short time must be placed to the convex lens, otherwise easy to wear flowers, while avoiding various chemicals and cosmetics, medicines, etc. contact. To avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. If for a long time, with a cloth into glasses glasses box.

All products in this shop are taken in kind, due to technology, display, light, environmental reasons may be a slight color difference, which is a normal phenomenon, online shopping color can not be avoided, we have tried to shoot the closest thing with the real, please forgive me


  • Lens width:2.4 inches,Lens height:2.4 inches.
  • All dimensions are manually measured, please allow us a little error.
  • Dehome fashion sunglasses metal frame light and comfortable, can effectively prevent UV damage to your eyes, wear it to show your beauty
  • High density mirror coating is used on the surface of the lens. Such lenses are more absorbed into reflected light and are suitable for outdoor sports.
  • If you have any questions, you can contact us any time. We will give you a reply at the first time when we see the information.

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