CMK Trendy Kids Flexible Kids Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Boys and Girls Childrens Eyeglass (CMK180202_PK)

CMK Trendy Kids Flexible Kids Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Boys and Girls Childrens Eyeglass (CMK180202_PK)

CMK Trendy Kids Flexible Kids Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Boys and Girls Childrens Eyeglass (CMK180202_PK) Rating:
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Product Description

Product description
Research shows that playing outdoors is essential for kids' physical and mental development. However, children are especially vulnerable to sun damage because of their inability to filter ultraviolet light with their developing crystalline lenses. Just as you would apply sunscreen to your kids' sensitive skin, make sure their eyes are covered with UV protective glasses. All of CMK's lenses are 100% UV protectant, whether or not they are tinted.

[ Frame width ] - 130mm
[ Bridge width ] - 13mm
[ Lens width ] - 52mm
[ Lens height ] - 46mm
[ Arm length ] - 124mm
[ Face width ] - Average

Armed with the measurements of your current frames, you're well on your way to finding new glasses that fit you perfectly.Here's how to easily measure your eyeglasses using a millimeter ruler or cloth measuring tape:

1. Frame Width. Measure the horizontal front of the frame, from one end to the other, including any hinges or lug pieces.
2. Lens Height. Measure lenses vertically at their tallest points.
3. Bridge. Measure horizontally, from one edge of the bridge to the other.
4. Temple Arms. Measure from the hinge-where the arm connects in the front- to the spot where the arm begins to bend own around the ear. Then measure from the top of the bend to the bottom tip. Add these together for the total temple arm length.
5. Lens Width. Measure the lens horizontally, at its widest point.

★ Measure your glasses 3-4 times to ensure it's accurate and consistent.


  • ❤ FLEXIBLE FRAMES - Childrens Eyeglasses for little kids and pre-teens mostly fit kids from ages 3 to 10 years old. These high-quality, durable, glasses are available in a wide array of styles.
  • ❤ LIGHTWEIGH & IMPACT-RESISTANT LENSES - Playing outdoors can be rough,so most eye doctors and opticians recommend (and sometimes require) children's glasses be made with polycarbonate or Trivex plastics. These lightweight, impact-resistant lenses can shield eyes from potential injuries or shattering during wear.
  • ❤ 100% UV PROTECTION - UV radiation from the sun can damage the skin of your eyelids as well as the cornea, the lens, and the other parts of your eye. Long-term exposure can lead to vision-threatening conditions in the future. Kids' eyes are especially vulnerable to UV damage. All CMK Optical glasses comes with 100% UV protection to help protect your children's eyes.
  • ❤ AR COATING - Also known as anti-glare coating, AR coating cuts down on stray light interfering with your vision.Having AR coating on your lenses allows others to admire your eyes instead of looking into windowpane reflections off your glasses. AR coating is designed to improced your visual comfort, and is recommended by eye doctors to decrease eyestrain while looking at tablets and computer monitors.
  • ❤ POLYCARBONATE AND TRIVEX LENSES FOR KIDS - Impact-resistand lenses such as polycarbonate and Trivex are the #1 recommendation made by eye doctors and opticians for kids' glasses. Not only are they 100% UV protectant and have excellent optical clarity, these lightweight plastics are strong enough to be used in construction helmets and space shuttles. They are the safest materials available for protecting your kids' eyes.

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