i-Sports Pro Anti-Fog, UV Protected Swim Goggle, Black

i-Sports Pro Anti-Fog, UV Protected Swim Goggle, Black

i-Sports Pro Anti-Fog, UV Protected Swim Goggle, Black Rating:
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Product Description

"These were like a revelation in the water after using Speedos for years." Jemmy Bloocher

"Over the years we have tried many brands, zoggs, speedos etc, and these are by far the best ones we've used." Denice T

Tens of thousands across the UK and USA have switched from their usual brands to i-Swim Pro's signature product and never looked back!

So why have they become one of the leading brands on Amazon UK and USA?

Maybe it's due to the most up to date coating inside the lenses ensuring no steaming up while you are in the water and the 180' lenses making it easy to view your surroundings!

"I was blown away by how well made they are. They sit perfectly around my eyes...Vision is also great and finally, (FINALLY!), goggles that deliver the promise of actually being antifog!" Alex M, UK

Or perhaps they're loved so much because they prevent water trickling in, meaning your eyes are dry at the end of each session - plus the specialized gasket design makes sure your eyes never get red marks or are left feeling uncomfortable.

"These are the best I've ever had...I've recommended to all my family and anyone who will listen." Belinda Roker, England

Or maybe the reason they're so popular is down to the highest quality, durable materials that they are made from, ensuring they will last...and last.

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  • WHY DO THESE HAVE MORE FOUR AND FIVE STAR REVIEWS THAN ANY OTHER ON AMAZON UK? Easy - They Work! Tens of thousands of British customers rely on us - time and time again. They also rave about the outstanding after care that we provide! Plus - they come packed with BONUS EXTRAS! A FREE protective case, a FREE high quality nose clip and FREE ear plugs!
  • FOG FREE, CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION - These are coated with the latest anti-fog protection with specially designed, anti-shatter lenses that let you see clearly at all times!
  • WATER TIGHT - Our gaskets have a unique, cushioned design that creates a PERFECT SEAL around your eyes, ensuring NO WATER WILL TRICKLE IN. Held in place with FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAPS (minimum circumference of 14.5 inches / 37.5cm and maximum circumference of 25 inches / 62.5cm), every teen and adult will remain DRY EYED!
  • A NEW LEVEL OF COMFORT - Our soft silicone gaskets gently cushion your eyes, leaving no red marks or discomfort, our nose piece flexes to fit your face perfectly and our quick release clasp at the back means wet hair will never get tangled again!
  • DOES THIS COME WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? YES! Your purchase comes with a full 90 day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee. Either you're thrilled, or we don't want to keep your money! PLUS every purchase comes with a Warranty! See why Amazon customers rate our Swim Goggles 5-Stars!

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