Bolle Sport Recoil Sunglasses (Shiny Black/TNS)

Bolle Sport Recoil Sunglasses (Shiny Black/TNS)

Bolle Sport Recoil Sunglasses (Shiny Black/TNS) Rating:
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Product Description

These cool sunglasses are sure to be a hit this season. The Bolle Recoil Polarized sunglasses are the perfect pair to add to your style to keep yourself comfortable and stylish whenever the sun is shining. Plastic frames keep the sunglasses comfortable ensuring long-time wear as well as being durable. Any pair of Bolle sunglasses offers superior protection and superior vision.


  • Anti-Slip Nose Piece
  • Anti-Slip Temples
  • Extensive curvature provides for the widest field of vision as well as optimum protections for the eye area
  • With a visible light transmission of 14%, they are ideal for sunny conditions
  • 8 base. Improves awareness and offers better periphery vision
  • Fit - Medium/Large
  • UVA/UVB Protection - Bolle exceeds the industry standard with 100%
  • 20.3 Poly carbonate Lenses - Sunglasses should protect you from more than just the sun. That's why our polycarbonate lenses are made from lightweight, premium-grade resin that's 20 times more impact resistant than glass-and three times lighter.
  • Rx8 Prescription Available

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